Monday, May 3, 2010

No News is Good News!

I'm embarrassed that it's taken me so long to update our blog. I guess I assumed that No News is Good News, but that's not always the case. Thankfully for us, it is GOOD NEWS!! All of Mike's scans came back clear in March. He will continue to have scans every few months, but according to the doctors we have every reason to be optimistic! We can't tell you how truly blessed we feel. The Lord has been by us every step of the way and he's answered our prayers so often through all of you! We love you and can't thank you enough!! We have the most AMAZING family and friends in the world!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We received wonderful news this week! For now, Mike does NOT have to do chemotherapy. YAHOO!!!! We met with Dr. Randall and his team on Monday. (Sorry, it's taken me so long to get this posted.) They were so upbeat and optimistic! After conferring with their team and the team at Harvard, they've decided its best to hold off on treatment. They feel confident that they got all of it, but are going to follow him closely. He'll have his next round of tests the middle of March.

I have to say it's hard emotionally. It's such a roller coaster ride. You gear yourself up, prepare for things and then when it doesn't happen you need a couple of days just to reprogram yourself. I talked with my sister Dee Dee and brother in law Randy yesterday about it. I thought I might be going crazy. Why wasn't I jumping for JOY and shouting Hallelujah from the rooftops? I was happy yet still felt this "weird" vibe and couldn't quite figure it out. I think Randy's analogy described it best. It's like training and preparing for a big football game. You've prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You've given time, blood, sweat and tears to make sure your completely ready to WIN!! You're ready to kick your opponent's butt...... Of course, it's going to be an awkward feeling when they cancel the game all together. Don't get me wrong, I am relieved beyond expression, but I did need time to decompress and adjust to the news. I think the best feeling of all was letting Kenzie and TJ know there would be no chemo for now. They were so relieved and happy!! I continue to rely on President Neilson's blessing where we were told that the doctors would know the best ways to treat Mike's condition.

Mike is doing well. This surgery has been the hardest part so far. It's taken a lot longer than he'd like to get back on his feet. He's pushed himself as much as he can (too fast in my opinion) and improves every day. He'll start physical therapy next week. It'll be 3 days a week for 6 weeks. He's back at work part time. I just hope he doesn't overdo it. He has a scooter that he pushes all over. Yesterday was his first day back and to his surprise his department had everything geared up for his cute little scooter. He has a bell, basket, license plate, streamers and U of U decor. It's hilarious!!! I'll get a picture tonight and post it so you can see it. I think it really tickled Mike even though he gets pretty embarrassed driving it around.

Words can never express our love and appreciation!! Thank you for your prayers and support!! We feel them! They are being answered and getting us through!! We Love you!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Seeing Stars!!

We got home Friday afternoon. It's been a long weekend but we're doing good. Thankfully we were approved to get a scooter for Mike. It is tons easier than crutches and helps him get around easier. I use the words "get around" loosely. Currently he goes from the bed to the bathroom and that's it. Once in awhile he sits in the recliner. His pain has been pretty excruciating, but thankfully it's under control now. As long as he lies still, it's okay. Every time he has to move around at all, it spurs its ugly head.

We're grateful for a new week! We hope to receive pathology reports sooner than later. I taught Relief Society yesterday. The sisters in our ward are the absolute BEST!!! I shared how hard it has been not knowing what to expect. I want all the answers right now, and then I can learn to deal with whatever is ahead of us. Unfortunately, it hasn't been that way at all. With my cancer, in the beginning there were unknowns but once we had pathology there was a specific path to follow, and formulas that were known and proven. Thankfully(depending on how you look at it) so many women had come before me making my pathway alot more clear. With Mike it's alot more sketchy. It's so rare that everyone is guarded. They can't give us what stage his cancer is at. They don't know exactly what chemo or how much should be given. The chemo they think about is so drastic it could cause serious problems down the road. It's goes on and on with alot of uncertainty.

UGH!!! I'm still learning patience. I was studying in Ether 12 and it had the word "faith" in it 36 times. I know it was a reminder to me, that often, all we have is faith to hold onto. I have faith that God is overseeing everything!! Sometimes we just have to be in the dark awhile, but in the dark is where we get to see the stars!!

You are our Stars!! We've had AMAZING meals, Service & Treats!! Thanks Everyone!!

Mike's Mom has been an angel. As yucky as it can be at times, one of the blessings has definitely been spending time with her. She is such a strength to us! She has helped around the house with so much!!

You are our angels on earth! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Surgery went well yesterday! It took exactly 3hours just like they said. Everything went according to plan except they did have to remove some muscle. Not fun for recovery or my husband's beautiful calf muscle! They removed his fibula bone and any other "stuff" that they found. The MRI had shown that some of it had gone into the tissue outside the bone. Angie (Mike's Mom) asked Dr. Randall what it looked like. He said it resembled snot and is the color blue. How weird is that? We're figuring that they got all the blue stuff because they got clean margins. That means they're pretty sure they got everything around the malignant areas and left nothing cancerous! We should have pathology back in a couple of weeks. It takes longer with bone because they have to decalcify it.

Mike has a very HIGH pain tolerance. In all his past surgeries he has refused to have pain medicine after the anesthetic wore off. His blood pressure yesterday started to go way high. Angie knew it was due to the pain and she was right!! Once they figured out the best medicine (dilaudid) for him, he started doing alot better.

Mike has a new understanding of what women go through with all their waxing. One of the funniest things all day was when he got his EKG done pre-surgery. The tech (zero personality) came in to do it and thought he'd be fine without shaving the hair on his chest. After the first test it said they couldn't get an accurate reading so one of the prongs had to be removed. Without any warning the tech ripped it off. Mike screamed Owwwww! The tech proceeded to hand me a "HUGE" chunk of Mike's hair. Mike said "you know that'll probably be the worst part of the day." The guy kept apologizing but I couldn't stop laughing. Let's just say he didn't quite understand our humor.

We thought Mike would come home today but his drain is bleeding too much so it'll happen tomorrow. The pain medication is working but when it starts to wear off you can tell he's in quite a bit of pain. Hotel Huntsman is an AMAZING place!! We get room service any time we want, and the view outside our window is the mountain side. I asked about the spa (joking) and to my surprise they said there is a massage therapist on our floor. We have a family laundry room, kitchen, changing rooms and showers!! It's pretty neat to have a hospital be so accommodating!! We feel so blessed to be here!!!

We feel your prayers!! Please keep them coming!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mike's Teaching at Harvard!!

We met with Dr. Randall today and had tests done up at Huntsman. It was all formalities and we didn't receive any new information. It was a long day however. For some reason everything took alot longer than normal. (Thanks, Jen for watching Ty) The surgery will be about 3 hours long and it'll be a 6 week recovery. Mike will be in the hospital at Huntsman at least over night.

One of the doctors (pathologists) they've been consulting with on Mike's case is from Harvard Medical School. He had written a letter that was pretty interesting. He thanked Huntsman for including him on such an "unusual, rare" case. He also asked if he could keep the slide specimans in order to teach his students. Mike is officially teaching at Harvard Medical School. haha! I always knew he was "Harvard Material!" We've always known we were weird and unusual! It's now been confirmed!!!

I'll try to post as quickly as possible on Wednesday so you know how surgery went. We won't know what time his surgery starts until Tuesday after 2pm. Thanks & Love to all of you!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Surgery First!

The doctors have been collaborating together on the best treatment plan for Mike. Chemotherapy for osteosarcoma is very dangerous, especially in adults. It is much more extensive than my chemotherapy. He'll be in the hospital for approximately 5 days with every treatment. They say it can be deadly and they want to be positive they are following the proper regimen.

Our oncologist is Dr. Lor Randall at Huntsman Cancer. He is Amazing!! He's been working with colleagues back in Boston to determine the best way to proceed.

We just got word that they've decided to do surgery first, and then analyze the treatment plan. They will go in on January 13th to remove his left fibula bone.

At first we were concerned because it was the opposite of the initial plan, but we feel good about the decision now. We were blessed as a family to have our Stake Presidency come and visit this week. Pres. Nelson gave Mike the most beautiful blessing I've ever heard. In the blessing we were told to trust the doctors and that they would know the right things to do.

We are doing well as a family! We had an enjoyable New Years and are in awe of the love and support we feel from all of you!! We know we are in the hands of the Savior and he will see to our every need!! Thank you for loving us! Thank you for sacrificing for us! Thank you for supporting us and buoying us up!

WE LOVE YOU!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers!!